Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mailing lists

They may be annoying but I strongly believe that joining these mailing lists will come in handy on days when there are special member-only sales (or preview)!

Like yesterday, Jetstar opened its Take A Friend for Free sale to JetMail members from 3pm. The email reached my inbox at 2.22pm, giving me a good 38 minutes to get an overview of the sale.

Jetstar often implement group-wide sales, which means Jetstar Australia also has a similar promotion ongoing. They are in fact running an 8th Birthday sale, which started at 5pm their time.

The 1 yen Jetstar Japan launch was in fact opened only to JetMail Japan recipients, all for just 2 hours.

The trick to ensuring you receive all group-wide sale notices is, sign up for JetMail three times, each indicating your 'nearest' airport, i.e. Singapore, anywhere in Australia and anywhere in Japan.

Most of Scoot's sales had preview access for members, so it certainly pays to be on their list.

AirAsia loves drumming up hype for their big sale events. They will drop hints on Twitter a week leading up to the sale date, email alerts are sent out two to three days in advance, with details on fares and how to grab them 101.

Tiger has a paid "privilege" Stripes program that gives members 24-hour preview access to sale fares, but for certain events only. Looking at what has been on offer, I say spend your $29.95 elsewhere. But do sign up for their normal mailing list because they still broadcast the usual sale alerts.

I also recommend following all the above on Twitter: @TigerAirwaysSG, @AirAsia, @AirAsiaSG, @JetstarAirways, @Jetstar_Asia, @Jetstar_Japan


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